Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Green County Fair & Straw Poll Results

Mother Nature tested the resolve of the Green County Democrats and Progressives.

It's the week of the Green County Fair and several of our members got to work setting up our fair booth.  With their help and that of our wonderful volunteer staffers we were open for business!
It looked like this would be another successful year at the fair . . . until Friday morning.

Thunder storms from the night before made a mess our our booth.  Our members rallied, and with the loan of another Ez-Up, it wasn't long before we were back in business!

Saturday afternoon started out hot but good, with people stopping to talk and take part in our straw poll.  After a few hours the storm clouds gathered and what started as light rain soon changed to a down pour.  We were officially done for that day.  We didn't give up - Sunday was a good day at the Fair.

2016 Straw Poll Results:

* Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) of all respondents
1.) 100% support Obamacare
2.) 100% feel it should include a public option

* Public Education of all respondents
1.) Should school districts be forced to go to
referendum for operating expenses instead of the
state contributing its share?
      17% Yes
      67% No
      17% Undecided
2.) Do you support small rural schools remaining open
instead of consolidating?
      83% Yes
        0% No
      17% Undecided
3.) Do you agree with voucher schools receiving state
tax dollars even though many are religion-based
and not required to follow state guidelines?
      17% Yes
      83% No
        0% Undecided
* Voter Restriction of all respondents
1.) Should photo ID be required to vote as is currently required by WI law?
      40% Yes
      60% No
        0% Undecided
2.) Should the election process be nationalized (conducted the same in every state)?
      40% Yes
      60% No
        0% Undecided
3.) In an effort to increase voter turn out, which of the following would you like to see?
In some cases respondents made more than one selection
      20%  Election day should be a nation holiday
      40%  Elections should be held on the weekend
      40%  Mail in ballots only (supports US Postal Serv.)
        0%  Online voting
      40%  None of the above – keep it as is