Sunday, May 1, 2016

Getting to know the 51st Assembly District Candidate

Barb Woodriff hosts a "Meet & Greet" for the 51st Assembly District Candidate,
Jeff Wright and his wife Emily

Friday evening a group of Monroe citizens gathered at Barb's home to meet with Jeff and hear about his stance on issues that impact many.  He spoke about concerns he has heard from, not just the citizens of Monroe, but other rural communities in the five counties that make up the 51st Assembly District.  We all struggle with issues like:
*  funding of our public schools
*  protecting our environment to assure we have clean water
*  growing our local economies

These issues are especially important to young families in deciding whether to live in our rural communities.

Jeff would like to hear from as many citizens of Monroe and the 51st Assembly District as possible.  You can help him accomplish this by hosting a "Meet & Greet".  This can be at someone's home, a coffee shop, or a local school or business.  Perhaps you have a group that meets regularly, like a book club, knitting club, or card club.

If you are interested in hosting an event or helping in any way, go to:
Jeff Wright For Wisconsin