Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Meet Jeff Wright, the Democratic candidate for the 51st Assembly

Wisconsin has been home to Jeff Wright’s family since before its statehood. He grew up in the central part of the state, and after serving as a high school principal on Chicago’s south side, Jeff and his wife Emily decided to put down roots and raise a family back in his home state of Wisconsin. Now living west of Plain, Jeff is the assistant superintendent for the Sauk Prairie Schools, one of the 15 school districts in the 51st Assembly District.

Jeff values the identity of this region and sees a strong path forward through smart investments in its best traditions. He is active with economic development in Sauk Prairie and Plain, serves as president of the Friends of the Great Sauk State Trail, and participates in other civic and community groups. He's a strong advocate for local control of schools and municipalities. Jeff champions the need for wise investment in infrastructure and broadband, and is a leading voice for finding ways to attract and retain the next generation to build their lives in these rural communities.

An example of Jeff's passion and dedication can be seen in the testimony he gave at the budget hearing held by Joint Finance last March in Reedsburg. You can read and view his testimony on this "Save the Wisconsin Idea" post.

Jeff Wright is a strong voice for our communities and the values that make the 51st Assembly District and State of Wisconsin an extraordinary place to work, play, and raise a family.

Jeff and Emily, along with their two children, raise chickens on their farm outside of Plain. Jeff is a respected educator and community builder with a reputation for connecting public and private partners to expand opportunities for students and businesses alike. He looks forward to working with people throughout the 51st District to fight for investment in our region and to preserve both our land and beautiful rural way of life.

For further information about Jeff, events he will be attending, and how you can help with his campaign go to Wright For Wisconsin.