Thursday, July 30, 2015

The straw poll results are in!

This year we held a straw poll at the Green County Fair and received a "fair" amount of responses.  We polled people on the topics of public education, the right to vote, and who would be their choice for the democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential race.  Please know that the following results are in no way the opinions or endorsements of the Green County Democratic Party.

Public Education:
  • Do you feel public tax revenue should be used to fund private voucher schools?  (73 respondents)
    • Yes   4%
    • No   90%
    • Undecided  5%
  • How important is it to you that there is a fully funded public school system in your community?  (71 respondents)
    • Very  97%
    • Somewhat  3%
    • Not important  0%
Right to Vote:
  • Should every United States citizen have the right to vote?  (58 respondents)
    • Yes  97%
    • No  3%
  • Should there be automatic registration for United States citizens when they turn 18?  (57 respondents)
    • Yes  82%
    • No  11%
    • Undecided  7%
Choice for the democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential race  (57 respondents)
  • Lincoln Chafee   0%
  • Hillary Clinton   42%
  • Martin O'Malley   0%
  • Bernie Sanders   56%
  • Jim Webb   2%
    • one write in for Elizabeth Warren
Clearly the most response was to the question of fully funding our public schools.  If you were unable to participate and would like to weigh in on the issue of public education, you can take part in our online poll located to the right of this blog post.
Before responding to our poll you may want to read the previous post (dated July 18th).  We will offer polling options on the other two issues from the above straw poll at a later date.