Wednesday, April 17, 2013

State Budget Hearings

From Representative Sondy Pope:

Because the Republicans are not holding enough budget listening sessions to allow the public voice to be heard before we vote on the final passage of our budget, many Democrats are holding listening sessions in their districts.  I have scheduled many of those throughout the 80th but want to reach out to offer to meet with smaller groups in more private settings which we are calling Kitchen Table Talks in order to reach as many folks as we can at whatever locations are convenient for them. If you are aware of any potential opportunities or can think of any folks who might want to meet with me please let me know and I will reach out to meet with them where and when we can.  Scheduling can be done through my office or with me directly.

I have also authored a statewide petition to remove the voucher school expansion in the budget and need your help in circulating that petition.  It can be signed online or paper can be circulated and returned to my office.

Call me if you have questions or suggestions.  266-3520 or 358-8994

Link to my webpage and petition sign up:


Just a little info as to why voucher schools are bad for Green County and Wisconsin as a whole: