Sunday, March 17, 2013

April 2nd Election

This is a submission from a fellow Democratic County Chairperson who I had the opportunity to meet and learn from.  I wanted to share his eloquent words about the upcoming election.  Please take note of his suggestions and help to bring Wisconsin back to a more Progressive path.

Let's take a serious look at this April 2 election.  Here are some thoughts:


Roggensack has more money, although not astronomical. ($200,000 plus)  How much money would it take to equal paying for all our grassroots volunteers on the ground?  Our experience is becoming quite substantial.

They have the corporate machine. (Remember, that machine lost on Nov. 6)


1. Obama for America (2008 & 2012) built an unparalleled grassroots organization for winning campaigns.  He had huge numbers of Democrats and Progressives. phoning, doing doors, & working an extensive network of offices across Wisconsin and the U.S.  Huge numbers of Democrats & Progressives built amazing campaign skills.

2. Citizen United decision forced greater grassroots campaign operations for Democrats since that happened.

3. We got a taste of winning during the Clinton years and have had greater "fire in the belly" grassroots campaign efforts since Clinton. Obama campaigns have put that campaign "fire in the belly" on steroids!

4. Wisconsin Democrat and Progressive campaigns have been some of the most competitive and most developed in the nation. We have been at the heart of the battle. We have many battle hardened Democrats in Wis.

5. Republicans can sit back and let their corporate friends do their campaign work. However, that leaves them with a Republican grassroots team that is of  no comparison to ours.

6. The number of phone banks and campaign distribution locations have been working for weeks and are now noticeably increasing in Milwaukee and S.E. Wisconsin.  Madison is set to enlarge their operation significantly this week.

7. Milwaukee is a gold mine of votes for us.  African Americans are dedicated, serious voters, and they are grateful to be reminded about the importance of the April 2 election. A few words sets them ablaze!  You will enjoy working a GOTV grocery store shift in Milwaukee!  Organizers Jim Brown, Linea Sundstrom and Judith Free are expertly experienced and great to work with.

8. Great numbers of Hispanics in Milwaukee are Progressive supporters. Working the Hispanic grocery stores for GOTV is a special joy. Hispanic music and art create a celebration-type mood in giant supermarkets with heart warming Hispanic people putting you in a pleasant "foreign culture" atmosphere.  Great! Friendly!  However, only about 50% are U.S. citizens that can vote.  Also, however, the crowd in those stores are huge all day long and 50% of big numbers are still big numbers!

9. We might have enough votes in Milwaukee to swing this election if we got everyone out!

10.  Our November 6 majority still has a momentum in the heart!  A slight echo of a fully alive Democrat/Progressive/OFA type spirit could ignite this state. It could bring back to full force of that spirit if every OFA volunteer became active again for 2 weeks until April 2.



1. Super Market Legends and student GOTV at UWM and MATC. Call Judith Free at 414-581-5201.

2. Phone Bank with Wisconsin State AFÒ-CIO. Call Steve Kwaterski at 414-975-8650.

3. Phone band for Fallone. Email  A.J. Kahle at:

Note: Electing Ed Fallone to the Wisconsin Supreme Court could be the most important election in Wisconsin history - all things considered.

4. Call or contact any of these sources to do phone bank work at home.

5. Remind your Democrat and Progressive friends to vote for Fallone and Evers on April 2. Early voting starts on March 18.

6. Oconomowoc Phone Banks:  Call Kristen Maguire at 262-490-1270 or Steve Ralph at 262-567-9813.

7. Waukesha Phone Banks: Call Scott Trindl at 414-254-2058 or Email Scott at:

8. Hand out Fallone/Evers brochures in Milwaukee - Wisconsin's largest voter market. Call:

    *Jim Brown at 262-834-8033 or email Jim at:

    *Linea Sundstrom at 414-963-088 or email Linea at:

9. Contribute to the Ed Fallone Campaign:

10. Contribute to the Tony Evers Campaign:

Thanks for all you do!
Dwayne Block
Oconomowoc Democratic Group