Wednesday, January 23, 2013's cold outside...let's talk politics!

I know it is cold out, I can tell because my nose has not thawed since approximately the middle of December, but we have started a new year and our government is now hot to trot to work.  We have Congress pushing off the Debt Ceiling issue for another couple of months, the Senate discussing what to do about the filibuster and our own State Assembly trying to figure out hot they can work as a cohesive group.

All that is going on and what can we, as average citizens do to help promote the Democratic and Progressive ideals?  Well, you can always join a Democratic/Progressive event to show your support and usually have fun doing it.  As the new Co-chair, I feel it is my duty to bring fun to everything that I am involved in...actually, I do that whether I am doing "committee" things or not.  We are lucky to live in a state where there is a lot going on both near and far from our happy little Green County.  Check out the activities below:

Saturday, January 26 Peaceful protest for those in support of the Bad River Tribe regarding proposed changes in WI mining regulations; 12-1:30 PM at the Wisconsin State Capitol. 

Tuesday, February 5 - County Line Progressives - 6-8 PM at Corner Cafe, Belleville; come early if you'd like to order something to eat and have some social time. This is an issues and action-oriented group for folks in the Belleville, New Glarus, and Monticello communities. For further information, contact Tim Sager at or check their Facebook page:

Saturday, February 16 - 5th Annual WI Progressive Grassroots Festival - 9 AM-4 PM at WI Heights High School, 10173 State Hwy 14, Mazomanie. Keynote speakers - Mike McCabe and Lisa Graves, 18 break-out sessions, and the Raging Grannies. Suggested donation - $12, includes lunch. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Grassroots Network which facilitates development and growth of community-based grassroots organizations throughout Wisconsin. Currently over 70 groups are involved to increase government accountability to its citizens.

Tuesday, February 19 - Spring Primary Election

Tuesday, March 5 - Candidate Forum for State Superintendent of Public Instruction position - Tony Evers (incumbent; confirmed) and Don Pridemore (Republican member of State Assembly; not yet confirmed), at the Bridges Restaurant, Darlington. Sponsored by the DPW county parties in SW WI. More details to follow.

Tuesday, April 2 - Spring General Election - an important election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction (statewide), Supreme Court Justice (statewide), and Circuit Court justice (Dane County residents). 
WOW!!!  That is quite a bit, but don't forget that we also have our monthly meetings and we are working to ensure that we have speakers who are knowledgeable and timely for what is happening in Wisconsin.  If you have any suggestions for speakers for upcoming meetings, please let me know.  We always like to get feedback from our members and those who are Friends of Dems.  

Have a great week and thank you for checking us out!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year Dems!

Happy New Year to all my fellow Dems and Progressives out there!  This is the first blog post we have had in "a while" thanks to a whole lot of activity in Wisconsin and Green County.  We did what we could to recall Walker and it was within our reach, but there is no use crying over spilled votes.  We, as a county and state, did what we personally felt was right on election day and we have to accept that the people of this state wanted to give Walker the benefit of the doubt.  Now, since the election, we can see that it was a mistake, with the jobs number coming in NO WHERE NEAR what Walker was promising nor are we going to have any state option for the health care option.  So what can we as Democrats and Progressives do now?  We can stick together and move FORWARD as we always do.  We need to gather our fellow Dems and Progressives and discuss what needs to be done in the upcoming months and years to get our state back to a place where progressive thinking is encouraged and where we move toward a goal that everyone can win from.  We have done this in the past and we can do it again.  I love this state and my county and I know that the people within it are good people who want to help others and are not above a little sacrifice to achieve it.  We have a strong history of doing what is best for all, let's get back to that.

And now for some Party business...we have a new executive board:

Phil Fransen - Co-Chair
Sandy Stauffacher - Co-Chair (yours truly)
Keith Steffen - Vice-Chair
Deb Pendray - Treasurer
Kris Wisnefske - Secretary

I would like to personally thank our "outgoing" board for all that they have done to bring the County Party to the place it is at now.  I wouldn't have even considered taking on the role of co-chair had it not been for the opportunity to continue on with the great works and deeds of those who have facilitated before.  I thank Carol Mixdorf, Barb Woodruff, Susan and Tom Porter, Keith Steffen for doing such an amazing job and for leaving the group to us in such an amazing shape.  I look forward to continue working with you all and to working with the rest of those who I have managed to accidentally leave out and who are just as valuable in their contributions to what we do.

I will do my utmost best to keep this blog/site updated and keeping everyone informed of what we are doing as a group and how people can join and interact.  We are a group for the people and we cannot accomplish much without the people.

Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sandy Stauffacher